Preparing Your Home To Sell

It's no secret that today's real estate market is completely different than any we've ever seen. Sellers under $300,000 in McKinney are fighting off buyers by the dozen, and luxury inventory over $1 Million is seeing increased days on market, and price decreases across the board. With our North Texas markets changing rapidly, availability of information, and emerging technologies, many sellers feel more uncertain than ever before. So, they're left to wonder:

"How Do I Start?"

The good news is that RUECKERT + STEWART is here to help. If you need a few quick ideas before you sell, start with these recommendations.


1. Embrace Minimalism



Clean your countertops! Pack your knickknacks! Put that used bar of soap in the trash or a drawer. Today's buyer is looking for clean through and through. That starts with embracing minimalism. Here at RUECKERT + STEWART, our initial recommendation is usually to pack everything that's not essential to your daily routine. You're going to have to pack them anyways, and this starting point will allow your agent and stager to better prepare the home decor - not to mention the immediate visual boost that occurs when your rooms are open and light (without every surface having dolls from your college trip to Spain.) The espresso maker can always stay - trust us, we get it.


2. Paint Those Walls!



Those crayon lines on the living room wall sure are cute, but to a potential buyer, it typically indicates an unkempt home. Paint is not expensive and is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a room. This recommendation goes for unique colors as well - green and purple walls don't equate to the highest returns. When in doubt, white is never a bad option. Trust us, unless Andy Warhol himself dropped by for a mural in the kitchen, those "fun" colors need to go.


3. Curb-Appeal Is A Real Thing.



It's true; Curb appeal is a real thing! That goes for the front yard, the backyard, the side yard - basically the entire exterior of your home. If you have weeds in the flowerbed, patchy grass, overgrown trees, chipping paint - are you cringing yet? Outside maintenance can be a weekend project, but our recommendation is always to hire a professional. Sure it costs a little money, but the work will be pristine. We guarantee you, spending some time and money to really make sure your exterior pops is a fantastic investment. Plus, you need the extra time to paint your walls and pack your stuff, right?


4. "Smell-Appeal" Is A Real Thing, Too.



This one is often overlooked by other blogs, websites, and dare we say it - real estate professionals - but it remains one of the most important components to preparing your home. Frankly, make sure it smells nice. We're not going for a "just walked down the perfume aisle" type of stench, but the soft, clean smells that are associated with a well-kept home. This includes cleaning out your air vents, having your carpets professionally cleaned and conditioned, making sure your trash, catboxes, dog beds, fridges, pantry, etc. are all under control. Top it off with a fragrant candle. Aspen Bay makes some really unique and pleasant candles that also look quite nice, and HomeGoods usually has a good selection of some classic scents at fantastic prices.


5. Trust Your REALTOR®



At the end of the day, trust the professional adviser you have hired to sell your home. No matter how knowledgeable you are in contracts or interior design, it's difficult to truly have your finger on the pulse of the market if you don't work in the business, every day. It will be much easier for both you as the seller, and your REALTOR®, if you just hang tight and listen to their professional advice. The systems at RUECKERT + STEWART are specifically built to take the burden of preparation off your shoulders. From relationships with professional stagers and interior designers, to their revolutionary marketing team of designers, photographers, videographers, and brand ambassadors, the process of selling simply can not get any easier. Simplify your life and achieve your family's goals by calling RUECKERT + STEWART.


Love what you see? It get's even better. Schedule your complimentary consultation with your RUECKERT + STEWART advisor, and discover the difference you've been searching for.