Spring & Summer Maintenance

Ah, Spring and Summer in North Texas. It's beautiful to look at, immediately induces allergies, and often brings unique demands to the maintenance & upkeep of our homes. If you're wondering what preventative measures to take this season, then read through these quick tips and ideas to keep your home running efficiently through our warmer months.


1. Get your HVAC system checked

Texas can get hot - really hot! It's not uncommon for temperatures to break 100°F for days or weeks on end, and that heat is not the time to discover an issue with your air conditioning! We recommend trimming any plants, shrubs, or trees around the exterior A/C unit(s) if they are near or coming in contact with it, and completing an annual service of the mechanical components of your system by a completed by a certified HVAC or other cooling specialist.

Some of the main things they should do in this annual service include:

  1. Inspecting condensation drains & thermostats
  2. Checking the air temperature splits
  3. Inspecting the compressor, and motors, and lubricating where necessary
  4. Checking all operations of your system to the highest efficiency
  5. Checking and/or topping off refrigerant level(s)
  6. Checking and/or replacing your air filter(s)

2. Get Your Roof Inspected - It's Hail Season, after all

The roof is arguably the single most important surface of your home. Consider calling a certified roofing company to do your inspection if you believe you have any issues with your roof, especially after any hail or significant storms. Loose or broken shingles, stains, mildew, holes, and mold are all reasons why you would want a professional to do a thorough inspection. Pay particular attention to the areas around skylights, chimneys, or vents that come out of the roof; these areas are prone to water collection, cracking, and leaks. Remember! Unskilled and uncertified "roofers" love to come knock on your door after a storm. Do not hire anyone you have not vetted as competent, professional, and certified.


3. Get a Pest Inspection

Hiring a professional for your pest inspection will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Professionals will spend some time poking around every corner of your home, crawl space, attic, and yard to give you a full assessment of your situation. If you get a clean bill of health, consider signing up for a quarterly (or more frequent if necessary) preemptive spraying plan to combat any future issues. Generally, the pest experts will spray the perimeter of your home with commercial grade insecticides that will keep your home pest and insect free. We recommend these types of plans because they are generally quite cost effective and save you from the anxiety of having an infestation at some point.


As your local resource, a RUECKERT + STEWART™ associate can help you get connected with top professionals in the area. If you're needing a referral to start on this list, or for anything else, we're only a phone call away.